Horses For Auction (Second Sunday of every month)

The following applies to ALL equine Eugene Livestock Auction is the AGENT between the buyer and seller. What is listed is all that is known by the auction. This information is provided by the owner of the horse and all guarantees are given BY THE OWNER. Listings are done as a courtesy and the auction makes no guarantees and is not liable for sellers misrepresentation. Buyers do your own due diligence. ***To place a phone bid on a horse, please wait until after 9:30 am the day of the sale and call ELA at 541-998-3353. Please have the tag # of the animal, your credit card ready, YOU MUST be on the current listing of the animal at and the amount your wish to bid, you may set a reasonable starting bid and to a high bid. We do not guarantee any information if you are NOT on that horse's thread at the time of placing the bid. We do occasionally need to change the information on an animal and therefore you need to be on our listing at the time of bidding. All DEBIT & CREDIT cards will be charged a 3% surcharge. Eugene Livestock Auction is located at 92380 Hwy 99S, Junction City, Oregon 97448. 541-998-3353
Buddy is an 8 year old black pony gelding. Gentle pony, our kids ride him everywhere. He takes his leads. Likes attention.
Mia, Fijord-Draft cross pony mare, 12 years, 13.3 hands, 1100 lbs. She's short, sweet, very stocky and strong - perfect Christmas gift for the whole family to ride. Gentle for supervised kids, grandma, or the guest who barely knows how to ride. Strong enough to carry heavy adults easily and she even keeps up with big gaited horses on the trail where she's very smooth although her little legs have to motor pretty fast to do it. She loves trails! Gentle and a little lazy in the arena, however she has done playday-type gaming good with encouraging swats from a crop, and she has plenty of energy on trails. She will go out good by herself on trails with an intermediate rider. She jumps a little, but not very high, she did clear 3 feet one time, but she expects a horse cookie after she jumps. Sells sound. Always barefoot even on gravel. Feet trimmed, 4-way vaccine, and wormed with Quest plus in early November. Stays fat on plain grass hay. Vet certificate, brand inspection, and negative Coggins (good until mid-July) will be available from the office after the sale. Loads and trailers good She does have some white hairs on her face where she was scarred by a halter. She deserves a good home because her first owner was very harsh, so she'll need a little time to get to know you, but if you're fair when you correct her and quick to scratch her belly or give her a treat when she's good, she'll do anything you want. Her only fault is she can be pushy on the ground. She's dog gentle, but she knows she's big and she'll lead you around instead if you let her. So don't coddle her too much or spoil her just because she was mistreated in the past. She doesn't hold that against anybody who treats her fairly. She has no special training, but she has a kind eye and a good heart. You will love having her in your family. Lbs. She will be ridden through the auction ring and she will be ridden around in the parking lot before the sale so people can see her and ask questions. There are two videos. First video is ridden by my little girl bareback. Second video she is ridden by a 5ft9 adult. This mare is wide. She takes up the leg so even a tall person doesn't look too big on her.
Tinker is an 8yr old bay pony mare. Aprox 11:3hh. She is easy to catch, ties, picks up feet, loads great. Does well with the big horses. She is great for lead line, and my daughter has started training her riding alone. She’s been ridden in the round pen and loose in the pasture. She’s never offered any buck, rear etc. She will follow another horse down the trail, or can be ponied. Mount/dismount both sides, slide off butt, she takes it in stride. She will make an awesome trail/hunting pony. We have shot the 22. next to her and while leaning over her. She’s packed a skinned fresh deer hide, and didn’t bat an eye. She’s very smart and willing to learn. She does have a “fallen crest” and is “hefty” lol. We think she may have foundered in the past before we got her, but we have kept her on dry land pasture with hay, without a problem. If you need a Christmas pony, Tinker is to fat to fit under tree, plus she might try to eat it, but she will bring your kids tons of enjoyment. Owner will be at sale to answer questions and we have video of her being ridden and shot off of.
Tag #8 – Smoke is a 12 year old dapple gray pony gelding. No height. He is selling sound. Smoke is a sweet, gentle and friendly pony. We use him for a companion for our foals and nervous horses on the road. We have never ridden him. Good to catch, hauls, ties, easy keeper, no green grass – just grass hay. UTD on vaccines and worming. He is NOT broke to ride.
Fox is an about 17 year old quarter type gelding that is grey and about 15 hands. He is nice and gentle, great trail and family horse.
Red is a 19 year old quarter/arab cross gelding that is about 14.3 hands and is selling sound. Red has spent years as a kids horse. Great on trails or in the arena. Been jumped by a 12 year old beginner. Neck reins, hauls, stands for the farrier. UTD
15 year old appy mare. She is 14.3 hands tall and was used as a kids lesson horse. Gentle and easy going.
Lucky June Liz
Lucky June Liz ApHC red roan 1995 mare. Lucky is an awesome do most anything girl. We have rode her on tons of trails, taken her hunting, and rode hard in the hills. Sells sound for her age. We have had no lameness or health issues with her. Riding, packing, leading or following. Packed my kids safely all hunting season. Goes up or down steep hills, over logs, crosses water, trudges through mud. Have chased the cows around on her, played with trail obstacles and gaming. Plenty of get up and go for gymkhana. She neck reins, has buttons like sidepass if you know how to ask. Rides in shank bit, snaffle, loping hack, or bareback with a halter. She is use to gunfire, have video of the kids riding while shooting the 22 off her. My kids have done tons of dumb kid stuff with her. She’s also use to quads, tractors, farm animals, dogs, smells of butchering/animal hides. Riding on the trail with her buddies, or alone in the corral most anyone can ride her. Riding on the property alone, leaving her buddies behind she needs rider that’s not to timid to make her go the direction they want. She’s never bucked, reared, bolted, but: The bad: she occasionally has her own opinion on stuff, because she’s an appy. Sometimes she’s hard to catch on pasture. Owner will be at sale, so come check her out, and give her a try.
Tank is a 17 year old quarter type red dun gelding that is about 15 hands tall. He is good for beginners and as a family horse. Easy going, has been packed in the mountains. Tank has been ridden by kids. Will not run off with a green rider. Good on trails and in the mountains. Is great when on the hi line.
12 year old draft cross gelding. Standing 16.3 hands tall and build like a brick house. Safe for anyone to ride and a big gentle giant. Done mountain rides, arena work, would be the perfect addition to anyone’s farm. Good with other horses, stands tied, trailers great.
Scooby is a 7 year old quarter type gelding that is about 14.2 hands tall. He would be best for an intermediate or better rider. Scooby has been used as a queen’s horse for a year. He has done parades, carried flags, gone on trail rides, led mules, been used for sorting cattle and will pony colts. He is easy to shoe, good with feet, easy to catch and hauls good.
Amara is a chunky gypsy x filly. 6 months old, with a born broke attitude. Should mature 14+hh and sells sound. We have had her since birth. She’s never been mishandled, loves people, and being worked with. She leads, ties, loads, bathes, picks up feet. You can touch her anywhere, play with her ears , mouth, pull on her tail etc. she eats up the attention. She has been well socialized, raised in a herd, is use to/respectful of fences, including barb wire. She’s been exposed to many things, farm animals, children, dogs. Use to gun fire, tractors, quads, etc. Amara will make someone a an amazing mount. She could go most any direction you point her. Very athletic, enjoys chasing the cows, jumping logs, and zooming around. Her sire is a black tobiano gypsy. Her dam is my daughters amazing Smokey black large trail pony, who has the same laid back disposition, and the hair of a yak in winter. Amara could carry cream, and could be homozygous for black. Owner will be at sale and happy to answer any questions. Vet check welcome at buyers expense.
DK Blue Poco
DK Blue Poco is a 15.1 had true blue roan AQHA #5084467 mare that is 11 years old. She is foundation bred and is beautiful and correct. She is broke to ride and good on the trails. This fancy mare has the potential to go in any direction and her color will stand out in any arena.
Gold Dun and Tuff
Gold Dun And Tuff is a 10 year old AQHA palomino gelding that stands 15.2 hands. This is a well trained gelding that knows his leads, neck reins, walks out on the trail, has a soft mouth, good handle on him and hauls nicely. We took him through the OHC Mountain Trail course this past week and he did great on all of the obstacles including the water coffin. He just doesn’t like mounted shooting and that is what I need one for.
Bud is a 12 year old grade quarter type gelding that is 15.1 hands. Best for an intermediate rider. Was given to me in lieu of money owed. I don’t know his history but he is not spooky, he is gentle, easy to catch and rides nice.
Wolfy is a black yearling appendix type colt. Stands aprox 14hh and has lots of growing to do. Sells sound. He leads, ties, loads, been blanketed and bathed. Still needs more work holding feet up. Daughter has been working with him some. He does have both testicles down/able to be felt. Gets along with everyone and is very immature, no study behavior yet. Still does the baby mouth to new horses. He could make a nice gymkhana horse, English horse, or whatever direction you choose. Great project for a 4-h kid too, and he will make a Fabulous pretty gelding. Come meet him at the sale.
Apollo is an 8 year old 15'2 hand grade paint gelding. He is broke to ride and been trail ridden. He has been ridden on the ranch in steep country and is sure footed.
Hank is a 16 year old red dun quarter type gelding that is 15.3 hands tall. He has been used on the ranch and is a handy broke horse. Gentle to ride.
Leo is a 12 year old grade paint gelding that is about 15.2 hands. He is broke to ride.
15 year old gelding. 15.3 hands tall . Well broke and done a little of everything. Could go any direction really. Loads, stands tied and good with other horses
Dolly is a 15 hand 13 year old 3/4 Belgian mare. She is sweet, willing, and easy to be around. She is broke to ride and drive and has smooth gaits. She is gentle and suitable for any level of rider. She will win you over with her sweet personality.
Midnight Millie
Tag #47 – Son of Midnight’s Millie is a 9 year old registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare that is 15.1 hands and selling sound. This mare has a current health and coggins certificates. Not a beginners horse. Millie is direct from multiple World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking horses. She comes from the lines of Midnight Sun, Pride of Midnight, Sun’s Delight, Go Boys Spendor, Wilson’s Allen, Alien F!, Stormy’s Sun of Midnight and many more amazing pedigrees. She is a champion level broodmare stock, and has yet to be bred. She has highlined and trail ridden all over the Cascades. She has been ridden Western and English, stands for the farrier, loads and hauls well, and has the potential to go in any direction.
Penny is a 14.3 hand and 8 year old molly mule that is broke to pack and ride. She has been ridden in the mountains and has packed out big game.
Tex is a 16 hand 10 year old Bay roan gelding. He has been ridden on the ranch and is an easy going fellow. He is used to rough steep country and has a nice way of going.
Tag #55 – Mona is a 16 year old tb/solid paint mare that is 15.3 hands. Bought at the Nov auction but she has a heart murmur and possible heaves. Murmur is a grade 4-5/6.
Mr Mule
Mr Mule is a 15 year old black gelded mule that is 16 hands. He is gentle to be around, easy to catch, will meet you at the gate. Rides and packs
Copper is a 15'2 hand 17 year old grade Foxtrotter gelding. He is well trained, neck reins, and does a smooth fox trot. He also has a smooth, rocking chair canter. He is a nice trail mount and is a great ride for those who have back issues.
Harvey is a 15 year old grade bay quarter type gelding that is 15.1 hands and has some chrome! He is broke to ride and is gentle. He’s been ridden on the ranch and is good on trails.
Grace is a 2 year old gray quarter type filly that stands 14.2 hands and is selling sound. No papers available. Very quiet disposition and willing to please her person. Blends in well with the herd, but also does well on her own. Super nice mare and ready to go in any direction.
Freckles is a 3 year old red dun molly mule. She is broke to lead and ready to train your way. She would make a nice driving or companion mule.
Tag #66 – Jasper is a bay CalPoly Arabian gelding that is selling grade. He is 14 years old and stands about 14.3 hands, selling sound. Needs an experienced rider, very forward mover, could make a long distance/endurance horse. Jasper loves people and attention. He is high energy and needs an advanced rider who enjoys getting out and going. Can go all day, good ground manners, good for farrier, easy keeper. Just not a beginners or kid’s horse. UTD. Gets along with other horses.