Eugene Livestock Auction

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Livestock auction every Saturday at 10:30 AM.

Horse auction second Friday of every month, horses start at 5:00 PM.

Upcoming Events

Sat, 05/21 - Livestock Auction

Sat, 05/28 - No Auction

Sat, 06/04 - Livestock Auction

Fri, 06/10 - Horse Auction

Monday-Friday 7AM - 2PM.

Saturday 7AM till end of auction.

Closed on Sunday’s, and second Friday of every month open from 7am-10pm.


Livestock aution times now start at 10:30am on Satudays.

The tack auction is no longer running, until further notice.

Starting June 12th, the horse auction will be on the second Friday evening of every month. The tack auction will be online only, closing the Thursday before the horse auction starting at 5pm. The horses will start selling at 5pm the second Friday of every month, simulcast live and online auction. Click on “Horse Catalog” in the menu to find our current catalogs.

Due to COVID-19, we ask that only serious buyers show up to bid live. Horses will be available all day Friday to preview. All pre consigned horses need to be checked in by 4pm Friday.

***We recommend registering to bid a few days before the auctions close. If you have trouble figuring out how to register we CAN AND WILL gladly help you out, Please call the office for assistance. 541-998-3353.


The auction starts at 10:30 every Saturday. We start with caged animals, bottle sheep, bottle goats, pigs, bottle calves, sheep, goats, pigs, bottle calves, then cattle, in that order. When selling animals please provide staff with your MAILING ADDRESS, and the name you want on your check.

Caged animals can be sold with or without the cage, it is the seller’s responsibility to retrieve their cage after their animal has sold (if they are not selling the cage with their animal) an employee can assist if needed.

Sheep, goats, bottle calves, chickens, rabbits and other small animals are unloaded on the south side of the main building.

Cattle are unloaded on the north side of the building. You will need a transport slip (we can provide a transport slip when you unload, if you don’t have one). If your cattle are branded with a brand that is not yours, you will need to provide proof of ownership to the brand inspector when you unload your cattle. If you are selling your cattle as registered, registration papers can be handed to the office staff after you have unloaded your cattle.

All checks will be mailed the next business day, Monday,, to the address you provide the staff when you unloaded your animals. You are welcome to pick up your check day of the sale, after all your animals have sold.

BOTTLE ANIMALS: Animals that are still on a bottle, can ONLY be dropped off day of sale, and if you buy a bottle fed animal, you MUST TAKE IT HOME day of the sale.

All caged animals must be taken home day of sale.